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Analysis of Clients and Suppliers

Economic-financial evaluation of companies, for the purpose of measuring the payment capacity and the risk that business partners pose. Availability to participate in credit committees of our clients.

Adequate evaluation of the economic-financial situation of clients and suppliers is a decisive factor for doing business safely, as such enables the identification of potential risks of late payments by clients, or problems at suppliers that could lead to difficulties in the acquisition of raw materials, and consequently affect the production plan.

Therefore, in order to assist clients in the mitigation of potential risks that could negatively affect the management of their working capital, either during the raw material acquisition process or the payment receiving process (credit sales), CredPartner conducts technical analyses of clients and suppliers to assist in the making of decisions that are important for the management of your business.

Supplier Evaluation:

  • Evaluation of the risk of making advance payments for the purchase of raw materials or provision of services;
  • Identification of the need to contract alternative suppliers or replace suppliers;
  • Monitoring of the economic-financial performance of the main suppliers;
  • Identification of potential opportunities for renegotiation of purchase contracts for improvement of costs;
  • Evaluation of the suppliers’ business continuity capacity.

Client Evaluation:

  • Technical analysis of the client’s payment capacity;
  • Establishment of adequate credit limits;
  • Participation in the sales strategy definition process, taking into consideration the level of risk posed by each client;
  • Monitoring, revision and renewal of credit limits;
  • Decision-making concerning the renegotiation of overdue debts.

The evaluations are performed with basis on financial and non-financial information obtained from business partners.

CredPartner offers evaluation and advisory services for decision-making on extending credit to clients, and business continuity with suppliers, thereby enabling companies to make safer and more balanced decisions.

“Maximizing the generation of results by using the potential increase in sales, with a consequent reduction in default, and a lower production risk.”

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