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(Diagnosis and Structuring)

Consulting services for diagnosis and structuring of the strategy and streamlining of credit area operations.

The CredPartner Consulting Services for Credit Areas are intended to provide an accurate diagnosis of the operational structure and credit policy, as well as the planning for implementation of actions to enable the structuring of the best strategy and streamlining to achieve the best results.
A Company’s Credit Department is one of the factors of its competitiveness against peers, especially in terms of speed and quality of client service.

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Based on the definition of the profile of the skills required for adequate management of credit activities, we provide support to clients for evaluation of the Credit Team profile, as well as for equipping the mentioned team with technical, operational and communication skills, to ensure that the correct credit decision is taken, and the operational risks inherent to the credit risk management activity are reduced.

Development of Credit Policies

After mapping and structuring all the activities and criteria used in the management of credit-granting, and credit risk control, identifying improvement opportunities, and making the necessary corrections - the criteria and guidance concerning the mentioned activities are recorded in the Credit Policy. This policy is important for use as reference by internal and external auditors, credit insurers, and especially for credit training and credit courses for newly-hired Credit Department professionals.

     Credit Consultancy Benefits:

  • Better evaluation of credit risks;
  • Better guarantee of payment of receivables and profit;
  • Greater efficiency;
  • Greater capital available;
  • Improved organization;
  • Situational Audit/Analysis of the credit area;
  • Complementary qualification for your employees;
  • Reduction of risk levels in order to grow safely;
  • Support for collection activities;
  • Adequacy of the credit policy;
  • Equilibrium in the clients’ economic-financial analysis;
  • Practical actions;
  • Efficiency in the management of Credit Area costs;
  • Definition of credit risk protection tools;
  • Balanced credit decisions.
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