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Credit Insurance

Structuring, negotiation and placement of credit insurance policies.

Credit insurance is a line of insurance that protects your business against the risk of default or late payment of credit sales, of product or services, both in the domestic market and for export. In today’s market, your company needs to extend credit to its clients in order to stay competitive, and, if desired, coverage may be included against political risks.

The main benefits of credit insurance are:

  • Protection of your company’s cash flow against the impact of non-payment of obligations, even in the event of an economic downturn; moreover, the provision for bad debt losses can thereby be reduced;
  • Possibility of increasing sales, with higher credit limits being provided by insurance;
  • Credit insurance improves the management of your credit risk, and furthermore it is a good Corporate Governance practice;
  • It enables your company to make credit sales, without adding an excessive risk to the company’s balance sheet;
  • Credit insurance for both the domestic and foreign markets can open up new markets for your company;
  • Possibility of reducing the financial cost of bill discounting operations through the offer of credit insurance as an additional guarantee for the liquidity of receivables.

  • “Availability of tools for protection of credit risks and recovery of overdue credits, at competitive costs.”

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