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Credrisk Group

One of the first companies in Brazil specialized in credit insurance brokerage.

This company, founded in 2007, and exclusively focused on Credit and Bond Insurances, offers the best credit insurance programs available in the Brazilian and international markets. Credit insurance enables your company to grow, whilst protecting it against the risk of client default, with the aim of adding value to and increasing the commercial operations of your clients in Brazil. CredRisk can help your company to grow without necessarily increasing your exposure to the credit risks of this profitable, albeit volatile, economy.

The products offered by CredRisk Insurance not only mitigate the credit risks, but also make available credit risk management services, which are very useful, and if necessary may include collection services. In the case of loss or prolonged default, CredRisk Insurance guarantees that your company will receive the indemnity on a timely basis, through policies adequately negotiated with the credit insurance market.

CredRisk Insurance commits itself to provide to its clients, innovative and creative credit insurance solutions, as well as focused and highly professional services. Access the site and find out more

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