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Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

1.  What does CredPartner have to offer in terms of credit consulting services?

CredPartner offers a full line of services to provide support to its clients for a safe and balanced credit decision-making process, viz.:
2.  What benefits do the CredPartner products bring to my company?

The products offered by CredPartner assist companies in the generation of value for shareholders through safe and productive credit decisions, and protection of the risk.

3.  How can CredPartner help me to generate measurable results?

CredPartner, based on the main activities related to the management of the credit decision-making process, helps to develop productivity and results indicators to measure the efficiency level of the Credit Department.

4.  Is it possible to deliver demonstrations of the CredPartner products?

CredPartner can provide for evaluation of sample clients and suppliers, and also perform a preliminary evaluation of potential opportunities for improvement of the credit risk management process.

5.  How can I hire the services of CredPartner?

We offer customized services or packages on annual plans, according to the interest and needs of our clients.
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