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Strategic Credit Risk Management

Thoroughly organized credit management contributes to a better evaluation of your credit risks, a better management of your receivables, and improved productivity and cost management, and ultimately to the efficiency of your Company and its usable capital.

The Credit Risk Management Cycle is visually explained in the diagram at right.

(This diagram is provided as an attached file)

Objectives of Strategic Credit Risk Management:
  • Maximize profit generation by using good sales opportunities, and reducing default;
  • Speed and balance for credit decision-making. Such factors influence client loyalty vis-à-vis their supplier’s products and services;
  • Improve management of headcount and associated direct and indirect costs, and streamline the activities for time and cost savings;
  • Develop a credit risk management team with adequate technical skills, solid knowledge about the company business and clients, and aligned with profit targets;
  • Better communication between the credit area and internal and external clients;
  • Availability of tools for credit risk protection and recovery of overdue credits, at competitive costs.

  • The Pillars of Strategic Credit Risk Management:

    People Management:

    • Recruitment and selection;
    • Training;
    • Development of leadership;
    • Communication strategy.

    Operational Control:

    • Development of an internal credit risk management culture;
    • Improvement and standardization of credit decision-making criteria;
    • Better control of formalization of operations.
    Generation of Results:
    • Productivity gain;
    • Improved default control;
    • Credit risk protection;
    • Contribution to the generation of value for shareholders by means of adequate credit decisions.
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